GHX - Generation Park

GHX’s award-winning, 143,537-square-foot facility includes 121,000 square feet of warehouse and shop space and 22,500 square feet of office space.


Location: Houston, Texas
Architect: Method Architecture
General Contractor: Burton Construction
Engineer: Dally + Associates

Westside Lexus Phase I

Phase I of this project includes the new service center. Once Phase II is complete, Westside will be the largest Lexus dealership in Texas. 


Location: Houston, Texas
Architect: Goree Architects 
Additional Team Members: Weir Enterprises, JAM Equipment, Trivium Advisors, Westside Lexus

Energy Institute High School

This 110,000-square-foot building holds over 800 students on 12 acres of land. The unique school prioritizes collaboration and features a variety of informal learning areas.


Location: Houston, Texas
Architect: VLK Architects

The Travel Bug 

Geoff recently captured this shot of the Mile High City while in Denver, Colorado. 

Denver 2.jpg