Laci & Maggi


Geoff's faithful companions during late night editing sessions and shoot preparation.

EADO Bike Co. 

This east side gem helps Geoff keep his bike in top shape for exploring and capturing Houston.

World Champion Houston Astros

The team earned history and provided a morale boost to our city by beating the Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers in a historic World Series run.

New Opportunity - Rice Mill

Rice Mill.jpg

Geoff recently purchased a 9,000-sf rice mill in Sealy, Texas. Follow The Sealy Mill on Facebook to learn more about the project as it progresses. 

Our Clients

clients topping out.jpg

Most importantly, we are thankful for you. Thanks for your continued support and decision to use our services. We love partnering with you to capture unique projects. Email Geoff if you need to schedule an upcoming shoot.